The Village Pantry

184 Second Street, Los Altos, CA 94022

Village Lunch Specials
Served with choice of soup, salad, cole slaw, French fries or fresh fruit.
Royal Bird
Royal Bird SandwichGrilled turkey, Swiss cheese, tomato and onion on rye bread.
French Dip
Roast beef on a French roll served au jus.
Philadelphia Steak Sandwich
Sliced roast beef, grilled mushrooms and onions on a French roll, topped with Swiss cheese.
Hot Crab Sandwich
Hot Crab SandwichCrabmeat (imitation) with grilled onions, mushrooms, avocado and Swiss cheese on a French roll.
Monte Cristo
Monte Cristo SandwichHam, turkey and Swiss cheese on bread dipped in egg batter and grilled to a golden brown.
Special Sandwiches
CLUB SANDWICH -- Triple Decker
Triple Decker Club SandwichSliced turkey with bacon, lettuce and tomato
- add French fries
- add avocado
- add fruit or cole slaw

Weight Watchers
Burger patty, cottage cheese, fresh fruit and tossed green salad
One quarter pound of ground beef served with tomatoes, onions, pickles, lettuce and a choice of French fries, soup or cole slaw.
Hamburger Deluxe
Hamburger with Cole SlawFresh, lean ground beef
With grilled onions

Cheese Burger Deluxe
Choice of Swiss or American cheese
Garden Burger
Our meatless burger is a delicious blend of low fat whole grains.
California Burger
The burger with avocado, Jack cheese and topped with bacon
Burger Special
With grilled onions, tomato, mushroom and melted cheese
Turkey Burger
Turkey BurgerMoist and delicious turkey burger
Mushroom Burger
Smothered in sautéed mushrooms
Bacon Cheese Burger
Burger with cheese and topped with bacon
Patty Melt
Lean burger on grilled rye break with melted Swiss cheese and grilled onions
Grilled Tuna Melt
Tuna MeltBlend of Spring-water tuna, vegetables, American cheese and mayonnaise on sourdough bread.
Grilled Ham with Cheddar Cheese
Thinly sliced ham on sourdough bread topped with Cheddar cheese
Grilled Cheese
American or Swiss cheese
½ Sandwich and Soup
Choice of whole wheat, white, sourdough or rye bread with cup of soup
Turkey or tuna salad
Roast beef
Cold Croissant Sandwiches
Served with Dijon mustard, lettuce, red onions, and tomatoes
Sliced Turkey
Sliced Ham and Swiss Cheese
Tuna Salad
Roast Beef- Add French fries, fresh fruit, cole slaw or a cup of soup
Avocado BLT
Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato
Tasty Salads
Chef Salad
Crisp greens with ham julienne, turkey, hard-boiled egg, cheese, tomato wedges and assorted vegetables
Tuna Salad
Tuna SaladCrisp lettuce leaves, tuna, hard-boiled egg, tomato wedges and assorted vegetables
Cobb Salad
Crisp greens, tomato, crumbled bacon, diced ham and turkey, with assorted vegetables
Crab Salad
Crisp lettuce, crabmeat (imitation), avocado, egg, tomato and assorted vegetables
House Salad and Cup of Soup
with crackers or a slice of bread
Small Dinner Salad
Large Fruit and Cottage Cheese
Small Fruit and Cottage Cheese
Large Fruit Cup
Small Fruit Cup
Cole Slaw
Homemade Soup